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We sew dolls together: the alternative company event or a valuable and productive time with kids

Since 2013 I have had the hobby of textile dolls, which has become my passion. Since then I have worked on a wide variety of projects and have sewn from simple Tilda rag dolls to individually copied dolls based on a famous personality.

Sewing dolls is an extraordinarily relaxing activity and one of the best things to do for adults and children. So I decided to organize workshops for small groups. Either family with their children or adults who want to take a break.

During the workshops, there is a wonderful team spirit between the participants. The participants, although they are getting to know each other for the first time, help each other and quickly get into the conversation. These workshops are ideally suited as a team-building measure. The common challenge in small groups brings the teams close together.

All materials are included so you don't have to worry about it. The workshop usually lasts about 3 hours and of course, we have our coffee breaks inbetween. When the weather is nice, we can also hold the workshops outside because we don't need a sewing machine or similar equipment.

There is only one and very important rule: Everyone has to arrive in a good mood and go out with a finished doll :)